CRE Fellow 2015: Mark Rice

My CRE project was to continue work on my ongoing series, entitled The Exit and the Outlet. These works describe a world in which the Internet has become sentient. After rejecting its creators, the Internet gives all of humanity exactly one year to remove its entire digital archive of history and culture from its servers, reimagining (or returning) this information to a physical form. Computer files and digital archives must be returned to the analog form of books, paintings, prints, LP records, etc.

The linocut prints in this series range in size from intimate to monumental, with subjects drawn from science-fiction and the history of printmaking, describing the process of letting go and moving on, all while celebrating the impact of the past. In the extreme circumstance of this story, humanity is posed some important questions about the process of making, saving, and remembering meaningful objects.

With the stipend and the printshop access provided by the CRE Fellowship Award, I was able to make some great advancements on (what where then) some of the larger prints in the series.

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