Fob Holder Program

At the Crane Arts Building, where Second State Press is located, occupants gain access to the building through a magnetic fob instead of a traditional key. Playing on that, SSP offers a select few the opportunity to have unlimited access to a professional printmaking studio.

The Fob Holder program is designed to be a unique & competitive opportunity for artists to have unlimited access to the workspace in exchange for working 12 hours a week for SSP. Each of the Fob Holders are given unlimited access to the facilities, storage for their materials, and exposure to other artists at varying stages in their careers.  Fob holders play a key role in the day-to-day function of SSP by assisting other members, making sure that the shop runs smoothly, and managing the monitor schedule.  They are ambassadors to the shop and are knowledgeable in various printmaking processes.

Some Responsibilities Include:

  • Manage the volunteer work force

  • Act as the authority on all matters pertaining to shop safety

  • Perform daily operational tasks including but not limited to ordering supplies, receiving and unpacking orders, responding to organizational inquiries, maintaining the studio log

  • Manage member account info (checking members in and out and receiving payment)

  • Answer member questions and assist with questions about the equipment

  • Suggest and make improvements to the shop as needed

The Program at a Glance:

  • Commitment to working 12 hours a week in the shop in exchange for unlimited 24 hour access

  • Mondays will be closed to the public and members so that the Fob Holders have dedicated time to work

  • Fob holders will be encouraged, but not required to donate one print from any new edition that is created at SSP

  • Fob holders must make a four-month commitment to SSP. After four months, you can re-apply and stay on for an additional four month term

  • Bios and images of current Fob Holder work will be on SSP’s website - view here

Fob Holder Picnic 2019

Fob Holder Picnic 2019


Fob Holder Sessions

Spring: January 15 - May 15
Application Deadline: November 15

Summer: May 15 - September 15
Application Deadline: March 15

Fall: September 15 - January 15
Application Deadline: July 15


The application for the Fob Holder Program is straight forward and will be based on your printmaking experience, answers to the following questions, and the quality of work. Please see above for application deadlines.

If you are interested in becoming a Fob Holder, please email with the following:

  • Resume

  • Artist statement

  • 10 images of your work (or a link to your website) in a compressed pdf

  • Cover letter - Please answer these questions in your cover letter:

    • Why would you like to participate in the Fob Holder Program?

    • How will this opportunity affect your career goals and future plans?

    • What do you propose to do while you are at Second State Press?