CRE Fellow 2012: Christopher Hartshorne

 I use my extensive library of woodblocks to create prints that remix textures found in the everyday. I repeat components in new configurations throughout my body of work. I fragment, combine, subtract, layer, and mash up images from mundane sources, such as patterns found in nature, architectural elements, advertising and signage, and weathered decay of outdoor spaces. My compositions develop through my compulsion to connect contrasting elements. I juxtapose architectural line with organic forms; place color fields against each other; and mix up imagery so that it can mingle in one space. Forcing the combination of contrasting compositional elements to exist with one another on the printed surface serves as a reflection of the slew of visual information that can describe a place.

 Christopher Hartshorne received his BFA in Illustration from The Columbus College of Art and Design and his MFA in printmaking from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Christopher’s woodcuts have been exhibited at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The William Penn Foundation, The Woodmere Art Museum, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, The Delaware Art Museum, The Romanian Academy in Rome, and The Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge series. He has been a fellow at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists and also with The New Courtland Artist Program. Christopher has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art, and has taught in many public school connected art programs throughout Philadelphia, including The Mural Arts Program, The Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania, The Print Center and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Christopher recently was an artist in residence at The Oregon College of Art and Craft ‘18 and Dickinson College ‘19. He currently lives in Bellingham, Washington and teaches at Western Washington University.

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