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Noam Berg

Fob Holder Summer 2017 and Fall 2017

Noam Berg is a printmaker, designer, woodcarver and musician living in Philadelphia. He has a BA in art from UC Santa Cruz, and an MFA in design and technology from Parsons in NYC. His printmaking work is focused on lithography and relief. Noam likes antique tools, vintage clothing, brewing mead, carving wooden spoons, playing the mandolin and making funny faces.


Fob Holder Summer 2017, Fall 2017

Scott Holford is a practicing printmaker and middle school art teacher living in Philadelphia. Under the business name Golden Key Prints, Holford creates a variety of etchings, woodcuts and screenprints which he sells locally. His work varies greatly ranging from realism to abstraction, but maintains an emphasis on markmaking, movement, and space. 

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Fob Holder Fall 2017

Victoria Lagano is a Philadelphia based artist and has recently graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BA in Visual Studies with a focus in screen printing and textiles. Her work often aims to establish vignettes in relation to brands, logos, and icons drawing parallels to our fabrication of memory and attraction to the past. Her interest in youth subculture and identity politics is reflected in her prints, zines, paintings and videos. She works with appropriated and manipulated imagery associated with personal narratives of identity, family dynamics, and loss. 

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Fob Holder Summer 2017, Fall 2017

Adrienne O'Hanlon is a book artist and printmaker whose artwork often explores the relationship between analog and digital, and uses experiments in printmaking to apply image to non-traditional surfaces and book structures. Adrienne has a BA in Printmaking from University of California Santa Cruz, and an MA in Book Arts from Camberwell College at University of the Arts London.